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These general terms and conditions for participation in the tourist arrangement are an integral part of the contract concluded by Antigona d.o.o. PE GO Portorož (hereinafter referred to as GO Portorož) and a passenger who signs up for a specific tourist arrangement. The General Conditions apply only to tourist arrangements organized by GO Portorož, which guarantees the implementation of the program in accordance with the announced program. If otherwise specified in the specific terms of business or individual program regarding any point of these General Terms and Conditions, the statement or. provision specified in the program.


The traveler can apply for a tourist arrangement organized by the GO Portorož, at the GO Portorož branch office in Portorož, until the announced deadline or. occupation of vacancies. Passenger registers by personally, by mail, e-mail or telephone, communicating their information and the information of passengers traveling with him (name, surname, address and telephone number). The Traveler then receives by mail (regular or electronic) the travel program, these General Conditions and instructions for paying the security. Upon check-in, the passenger is obliged to provide all information and submit the documents required by GO Portorož. In case the passenger does not provide the correct information at check-in, he is responsible for all costs or expenses. consequences resulting from incorrect information.
By paying the security, the traveler confirms the reservation and accepts the conditions stated in these General Terms and Conditions.


The security paid by the passenger upon check in is 30% of the price of the package, or. as much as stated in the travel program. The rest of the amount is paid by the traveler within the deadlines specified in the respective tourist arrangement. 10 days before the start of the trip, unless otherwise stated in the program.
In case the passenger fails to pay the rest of the price of the arrangement within the stipulated time, he / she shall be considered to have canceled the participation in the trip and the Agency shall comply with the provisions on the passenger’s cancellation of the trip.


Prices are determined by the travel program and are indicated in Euros and are valid from the date of publication of the program. The basic fare includes the services listed in the program under the heading “price includes”. GO Portorož reserves the right to change the published prices in the case of:
* when the number of participants is lower than the number of participants
* increase in the price of transport due to changes in the price of fuel or other energy sources
* levels of taxes or fees for travel services
* currency exchange rates

If the tour operator determines that, prior to the start of the tour package, it is forced to substantially change any of the main features of the travel services so that it cannot meet the specific requirements of the consumer, it proposes to increase the price by more than 8%, the consumer may, within a reasonable period specified by the tour operator, agree to the proposed change or withdraw from the package travel contract without having to pay the fee.

If the package tour stipulates the possibility of a price increase, in the case of cost reductions from the second paragraph of this Article, the consumer shall be entitled to a price reduction if these costs decreased after the contract was concluded and before the start of the package.
GO Portorož shall inform the passenger of any change in the fare no later than 20 days before the start of the trip.
GO Portorož may stipulate in the program that the passenger will pay for services to be provided abroad on-site and as provided for in the program. In this case, the passenger claims all claims only (from the service provider) GO Portorož on the spot. The prices of each tourist arrangement are per person, for accommodation in a double room, unless otherwise specified in the program.


Ancillary services are those services which, as a rule, are not included in the price of the arrangement (single room, special meals, optional extra excursions, entrance fees for exhibitions, fairs, etc.) or are subject to mandatory surcharges (visas, airport fees, etc.) in the program. ), so the passenger pays them separately unless otherwise specified in the program. In the event that special or special invitations are issued to an individual arrangement. additional services, the traveler wishes for these services upon check-in, and they are extra charged for the price of the arrangement. Published prices of additional or special services apply only in the case of ordering and paying for these services, when ordering and paying for the basic arrangement at the check-in point. In the case of a single travel application, the passenger may leave the GO Portorož to try to find a partner for him or her. a passenger to share a room with. In case the registered passenger does not find a passenger to share the room with, the passenger must pay an extra fee for the single room at the invoice received before the trip.
During the voyage, the traveler pays special services to the guide of Portorož GO in the place where the service is provided, in the appropriate currency, if during the voyage this service can still be ordered, at the price valid on the spot.


The passenger has the right to cancel the trip at the place of departure. GO Portorož is then entitled to reimbursement for cancellation of the trip and an administrative fee of € 15 per person will be charged. The amount of reimbursement for the cancellation fee depends on the time before the day of commencement of the service in which the passenger submitted the cancellation or otherwise canceled the trip:
– up to 30 days before the day of starting the service – 10% of the price of the arrangement
-29 to 22 days before the day of commencement of service – 20% of the price of the arrangement
-21 to 15 days before the day of starting the service – 30% of the price of the arrangement
-14 to 8 days before the day of commencement of the service – 50% of the price of the arrangement
-7 to one business day until 20:00 before the day of starting the service
– 80% of the price of the arrangement

Cancellation on departure day or non-participation without cancellation 100% of the price of the arrangement.
Notwithstanding the costs of cancellation specified above, they may also be higher when conditioned by the conditions of the organization of the trip, dictated by GO Portorož to the applicable conditions of sale and conditioned by business partners. If the conditions for reimbursement for cancellation of travel are otherwise specified in the program, the conditions set out in the program shall apply.
During the voyage, the passenger may terminate the voyage at his request and by giving a written statement of termination. If the traveler interrupts the journey during the journey, he / she shall not be entitled to any reimbursement or partial or full refund on his / her return. If the traveler changes the program during his travel or does not travel according to the program, which is an integral part of the contract with GO Portorož, the passenger shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the contract during the trip. In this case, the passenger is responsible for the costs and damages caused by it.
In the event of a change of the program on its own request, or due to force majeure, without there being reasons on the side of Portorož GO for improperly rendered service, the passenger has no right to claim any compensation or reduction of the price.
If a traveler is unable to attend the trip, he / she may transfer his / her reservation to another traveler who fulfills the requirements provided for the particular trip. The traveler must inform the tour operator no later than 8 days before the start of the trip. The passenger must reimburse the GO Portorož for the costs directly related to the transfer of the reservation.Travel organizer GO PORTOROŽ must not unilaterally change the contractual terms prior to the start of the tour package, unless otherwise stated in the package travel contract.


If the passenger assumes upon check-in that he / she may not be able to attend due to certain circumstances, he / she may pay the cancellation risk insurance. he pays the severance pay. The consumer may withdraw from the package travel contract at any time before the start of the package. In the event of the consumer’s withdrawal from the package travel contract, the tour operator may require the consumer to pay the appropriate and justified fee. The package travel contract can set reasonable standards for the allowance, taking into account the remaining time before the start of the package, as well as the expected cost savings and revenues from the replacement of travel services.
The severance agreement is valid in the case of formal appeals, unexpected deterioration of health or death in the immediate family (spouse, parents, children) and can only be enforced upon submission of the relevant certificate.
The package travel contract is estimated to be 5.5% off the price of the package,however, the program may specifically specify a different amount of the withdrawal fee, or that the withdrawal is not even possible.If the standard rates are not determined by the package travel contract, the rate is calculated by deducting the cost savings and revenues from the replacement use of the travel services from the total price of the package. At the request of the consumer, the tour operator shall provide an explanation of the amount of the allowance.If the traveler does not start the journey on the day specified as the start of the trip and does not cancel the journey before the start, he is not entitled to claim a refund on the basis of the paid cancellation fee. It is also considered that the passenger did not start the journey or canceled the contract when the carrier (air, ship, bus, etc.) does not accept the passenger for any reason, which may be of a security or regulatory nature, whether or not happened during the trip or at the beginning of the trip. In such a case, the passenger is responsible for all the damage caused and cannot claim any refunds based on the paid compensation.In other cases, documented force majeure that does not belong to the events covered by the cancellation and which causes the passenger to cancel the trip or withdraw from the contract, GO Portorož shall be entitled to reimbursement of all its expenses incurred, as well as those incurred by the cancellation of the trip itself. Force majeure must be documented by valid official documents and such that it could not have been foreseen or avoided prior to the conclusion of the contract.A claim for claim of a cancellation cannot be claimed after the date of commencement of the journey or. holidays, as well as during unused part of the journey or holiday.In the event that a passenger concludes a travel cancellation insurance with one of the insurance companies, the passenger’s rights arising from the cancellation claim shall be exercised with that insurance company, applying the general conditions of the insurance company.In the event that the passenger cancels the trip due to force majeure, but does not pay the cancellation fee, GO Portorož has the right to reimbursement of all its costs and the difference is returned to the passenger.


GO Portorož reserves the right to change the day and time of departure for travel in case of change of flight timetable or in case of force majeure, as well as the right to change the direction of travel if the conditions for travel, such as a new timetable, uncertain situation change. in the country where the program is organized, natural disasters or other unforeseen causes that cannot be influenced; It can only provide passengers with modified services within the existing options. The final viewing schedule is determined on the trip itself so that the program is as closely aligned with the weather and schedules for sightseeing. In such cases, he is not obliged to repay the amount paid or part thereof. GO Portorož is not responsible for delays of aircraft or ships, nor for changes to the program resulting from such delays.GO Portorož may partially or completely withdraw from the program if, before or during their execution, exceptional circumstances occur which could not have been anticipated, eliminated, could not have been avoided or even prevented.GO Portorož has the right to cancel a trip if a sufficient number of passengers have not checked in. GO Portorož is obliged to inform the customers at least 7 days before the start of the trip, or at least 2 days before departure. In this case, the traveler is entitled to a full refund of the price paid for the arrangement within 7 working days. The Agency reimburses the money in the same way that the trip was paid.In these cases, Portorož GO assumes no responsibility for changes to the program due to the occurrence of any force majeure before and during the course of the program. GO Portorož, in the above cases of force majeure, does not assume any liability for compensation of damage to the buyers, but returns to the customers the full amount paid up to the date of cancellation of the trip. The passenger is not entitled to the reimbursement of the cost of purchasing low-cost airline tickets, the visas required for the countries of travel, or the vaccination costs required in the program. It can only provide passengers with modified services within the existing options.If the tour operator fails to remedy the non-compliance within a reasonable period specified by the consumer, the consumer may, except in the cases referred to in the previous paragraph, remedy the non-compliance himself and request reimbursement of the costs incurred. The consumer need not be given a reasonable time limit to remedy the non-compliance, if the non-compliance is of such a nature that it must be rectified immediately or if the tour operator refuses to rectify the non-compliance.GO Portorož shall inform passengers in writing of any changes to the program. If the newly created viewing conditions make it impossible to determine in advance, the final viewing schedule is determined on the trip itself so that the program is as closely aligned with the weather and schedules for sightseeing. If the situation does not allow the on-site tour operator to accommodate passengers in the booked facility, it may place them in the same or adjacent location in another facility of the same or higher category.


GO Portorož informs the traveler in writing in advance of the necessary travel documents and visas, as well as information on the medical formalities required for travel and stay in certain countries. For tourist arrangements where visas are not required and there are no border formalities, the traveler receives a final notification no later than 7 days before departure.


It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that he and his documents and luggage comply with the border, customs, foreign exchange, health and other regulations of his country and the countries through and to which he travels. Should he not be able to continue, due to his failure to take them on his journey, he shall bear all the consequences and the costs incurred in connection therewith. If the Port of Portorož governs the visa for the passenger, the latter does not guarantee the success of obtaining a visa if the visa is refused. The passenger is obliged to observe the provisions regarding the validity of the travel document; The GO Portorož is not liable for any inconvenience or even forcible interruption of the journey and thus the passenger bears all the consequences and costs incurred in connection therewith. Visa mediation is paid separately and is not included in the price of the trip, but in the case of cancellation of the trip these costs will not be refunded to the passenger. He must respect the house rules in the catering and hotel facilities and cooperate in good faith with the guide of Portorož GO. If he fails to do so, he is liable for the damage caused, and GO Portoro disclaims any liability for damage that the passenger would have suffered in such a case. The passenger is obliged to comply with his / her obligations as otherwise the GO Portorož shall be liable for the damage caused. If a traveler loses documents or is stolen while on a trip, but is absolutely necessary to continue the journey or return home, he or she is obliged to provide new documents at his or her own expense, and may seek assistance in arranging formalities in this regard. guide of Portorož GO.


The categorizations of accommodation facilities listed in the GO Portoroz programs are indicated by the number of stars or. object category. The facilities are categorized according to the legislation of the country (valid at the time of issuing the programs) in which they are located, which is why they are not categorized by the GO Portorož, and therefore are not responsible for them.


According to World Health Organization regulations, a traveler is obliged to vaccinate and obtain an appropriate document to travel to certain countries. Vaccination is compulsory even if such a regulation is adopted after the conclusion of the travel contract; this is not a justifiable reason to terminate the contract insofar as there are no contraindications to the passenger’s health. In this case, the passenger is required to submit a medical certificate. In the event that the travel program indicates or. certain vaccinations are required, each passenger must obtain an international certificate – a yellow booklet, with the completed vaccinations. GO Portorož is not responsible for any complications or interruptions of the traveler due to the passenger’s failure to comply with the health regulations of the country he / she enters or the program to which he / she signed up, as well as for any related costs.


Passengers are insured against accident insurance during the journey, in case of the consequences of an accident occurring during the trip which was not caused by the insured person himself. GO Portorož cannot insure passengers who are not on the passenger list at least 24 hours before departure. Travelers are advised to take out health insurance with assistance abroad.


The Port of Portorož is not responsible for the transportation of luggage and is not responsible for the theft or damage to passengers’ luggage or other personal belongings, valuables and documents from accommodation facilities (hotel rooms, apartments, etc.) and means of transport (aircraft, buses, ships, etc.).
Luggage lost or damaged shall be reported to the carrier or hotel by the passenger himself. To carry special luggage, such as bicycle, surf, golf equipment …, the passenger must pay the carrier an extra charge, usually at departure directly at the airport. In any case, it is obligatory to announce such luggage at check-in, and the airline reserves the right to refuse to carry such luggage in any case due to limited capacity. All costs or damages that would result from this are borne by the passenger himself.

For air transportation, the passenger is entitled to free transportation of up to 20kg of luggage (or according to the carrier’s requirements), and each additional kilogram is paid for by the passenger on the spot in the appropriate currency, or. as determined by the air carrier.
Children under 2 years old are not entitled to free luggage.
In the case of air transport, baggage is the sole responsibility of the airline, on the basis of the regulations in force in international air passenger transport. In the event of loss of luggage, the passenger fills out the form of the airline that performed the transport and hands it over to the representative of the airline and keeps one copy for himself. In this procedure the passenger can turn to the guide of Portorož GO. On the basis of the form, the airline pays him compensation, according to the regulations in force in international passenger traffic.


If the traveler loses documents or is stolen during the journey, but is absolutely necessary to continue the journey or to return home, the traveler shall provide new ones at his own expense.
When arranging the formalities in this regard, the passenger may turn to the Port of Porto guide for advice and assistance. In the event that the traveler has to cancel the trip due to the loss or theft of documents, he is not entitled to any reimbursement of the paid trip or reimbursement.


The information provided by the traveler at the check-in point does not oblige GO Portorož more than the indications in the program or offer. In case of doubt, it is always considered valid: a written offer, written information or written explanation.


The passenger must report the irregularities or deficiencies on the spot, the guide of Portorož GO, the direct service provider, the representative or the authorized local agency. In the event that the content of the complaint could be resolved on the spot (for example, lack of cleanliness of the room, equipment, location of the room, etc.), and the passenger did not complain about the error on the spot and did not inform the above mentioned persons, that the traveler has consented to the service thus rendered and thus has lost the right to make subsequent complaints by requesting a reduction in the price of the service or payment of damages.
The passenger is obliged to file a complaint in writing within two months after the end of the journey. The complaint must be substantiated by evidence or evidence. confirmed by the hotelier, carrier or other relevant persons about the factual situation on the basis of which the passenger claims his claim. Without written complaint, GO Portorož does not deal with claims for price reductions, claims for damages and other claims. The passenger should send a written complaint to: GO Portorož, Obala 14, 6320 Portorož.
The complaint must be signed and can be filed by each passenger on his own behalf or by a third party in writing. The authorization must be enclosed with the complaint, otherwise GO Portorož will not handle such a complaint.
In any case, the amount of compensation is limited by the amount of the arrangement paid, if, through the fault of Go Portorož, no program or some services have been performed, the passenger is entitled to compensation in the amount of the real value of the services not rendered. This provision shall not apply if the GO Portorož is entitled to cancel the arrangement or change the program in accordance with the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions and the law.


GO Portorož protects all obtained passenger data in accordance with the law on personal data protection.


All prices from GO Portorož’s offer already include value added tax.
In the event of a dispute between the parties, all disputes are the responsibility of the Kranj District Court.